What types of scheduling decisions is management likely toencounter in the following operations? Describe the schedulingdecisions in terms of the types of resources to be scheduled andthe associated customers or jobs scheduled.

a) Hospital

b) University

c) Moviemaking

d) Make-to-order factory


xxxxxxxxxx is xx operations xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx theright xxx xx xxxxx and xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx services xxxxx right xxxx xx xxxxxxx both xxxxxxxxxy and xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx. xxx scheduling xxxxxxxxx for xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx asfollows-

xxxxxxxyxxxxxxxxx factors

xxxxxxxxx to xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx to xx Scheduled

xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx, the xxxxxxxxx are xx xx xxxxxxxxx as xxx hourly,daily, xxxxxy xxxxxxx. xxx scheduling xxxxxx also xx xxxx xy typeof xxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx (In xxxxxxxx, out xxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxy xxxxxxx, xxx, First xxx etc).

xxxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxx Staff, xxxxxxxxx (X-Ray xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx xxx)

Checkup xx patients, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxx services, xxxxxxxxxxx


xx xxxxxxxxxxxx, xxx peak xxxxxx occurs xx xxx xxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx (Fall xxx xxxxxx), xxx rest xx the xxxxx, xxx-xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx jobs xxx to xx xxxx.xxxxxxxx&#xxxx;, Staff xxxx, Workers xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx which xxx to xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxy of xxx xxxx.xxxxxxxx Jobs, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jobs, xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx workerjobs xxx to xx xxxxxxxxx. xx have xx look xxx xxy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx while xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx.xxxxx xxxxxx

We xxxx to xxxx xx xxxx time xx the yxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx are xxxxx. xx xxx the xxxxxx, we xxxx xx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx

Director, xxxxxxxx, Artists, xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx are xx xx xxxxxxxxx.

Script xxxxxxx, Movie xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx Jobs xxx tobe xxxxxxxxx xx xxx the xxxxxxxx availability xxx xxxxxx.xxxx-xx-xxxxx factory

xx should xx xxxxxxxxxy xx able xx predict xxx xxxxxxxxyxxxxxxxxxxx xxx make xx order. xxxx, xxxxyzxxx xxx historical xxxx,xx can xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx time xx a yxxx xxx xxxx demand xx theproduct xxxx xx xxxxx.

Machine, xxxxxxxxxx , xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, xxx Material xxx theresources xxxxx xxx xx be xxxxxxxxx

Production xxxxxxxx , xxxxxxzxxx, Scheduling, xxxxxxy Checkingetc xxx xxx xxxx which xxx to xx xxxxxxxxx.