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Emily and her dad are making treats for the holidays. Emilycan make 3 dozen sugar cookies in an hour or 5 pounds of fudge.Emily’s dad can make 4 dozen sugar cookies in an hour or 6 poundsof fudge.
Which of the following combinations of fudge and sugar cookieswould be on the combined production possibility frontier for Emilyand her dad?
a. 7 dozen sugar cookies and 11 pounds of fudge
b. 7 dozen sugar cookies and 1 pound of fudge
c. 4 dozen sugar cookies and 5 pounds of fudge
d. 3 dozen sugar cookies and 6 pounds of fudge


xxxxxx would xx A x xxzxx xxxxx cookies xxx 11 xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx it xxxxx be xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx as xxxxxxxxxy - x xxzxxx + dad - 4 xxzxx = x dozens

Emidly - 5 xxxxxx xxxxx + dad- x pound xxxxx = xx poundfudge